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The Signs Project

I made this sign for the project 'Signs'. A work of art is created by mosaic artists all over the world. Each artist makes an art work (symbol / sign) of 20 x 20cm. The final work will be 2x4 m in size.
The symbol I made is an Adinkra symbol used in the Ghanaian culture.

Adinkra means 'goodbye' in Twi, the language of the Asante in Ghana. It is an old tradition to wear clothes decorated with Adinkra symbols on important days, parties and gatherings for family, relations and friends. These cloths are also worn at funerals. Today, the Adinkra cloth not only are worn by the Ashanti people, but also by other ethnic groups in Ghana. The meaning of the symbols relate to the history, religion and philosophy of the Ashanti. They usually have a rich proverbial sense. Proverbs play an important role in the Ashanti culture. The use of Proverbs is regarded as a sign of wisdom.

The symbol I made called 'Asase Ye Duru' and means 'The Earth has weight' and represents the providence and the divinity of Mother Earth and the Earth's importance for the preservation of all life.

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